DIY together with the kids -1

Everything you do together as a family might not always be glamour even though in pictures it might seem like we’re having a fantastic time while making things together with the kids. It sure is a fantastic time but it doesn’t always go as smoothly as one might think. Some days we just aren’t coming along and it’s those days that sitting down with DIY can either mend or break the situation.
Focusing on other things might give them the ability to start working together and get over whatever dispute they were having. But sometimes its the deal-breaker for more disputes and a heated argument may always arise while making some DIY things. Today was just one of those days. The boys didn’t want to get along for a second and I thought, hey why not get them to team up and help me out with some things needing to be done. Win, win. At least that’s what I thought initially. So i got the things out of the closet and set them up on the table. When they were smaller this was the ideal thing to do when they had a bad day with a short temper. Well, they grow up and it isn’t as easy anymore so you might have to become a bit more creative with the approach.
Work that needs high focus is ideal for this and the new Christmas lights I wanted for the garden should be complicated enough to get their heads spinning in the right direction again. But again, not the case today. Today it seems like they had one thing in mind and that was to harass each other all day long. Both of them too, often it’s just that one starts and the other one tags along. But today both of them seemed to have the same goals, which might be good if the goal wasn’t to irritate the other to boiling point.

Createful mom did it again

Well, I’m not the one to give up easily and the boys know that. I could probably go nagging on them for a week. So most often they just do as I say because they know how stubborn their mother can be.
This approach was different, however. They love their Electric toys and as you can read in a prior story I bedazzled their sister’s scooter. The boys however aren’t that much into scooters. They have hoverboards however, these aren’t as pretty as they first were due to much damages and they’ve tumbled down the hill more than once. So I thought we’d do some cool stuff with them.
So I picked up some masking tape, hard paper, spray paint, and two scissors and told them to start cutting out shapes in the paper. They both sat down and finally a quiet moment followed when they were both very eager to get this done. They started to cut stars and all sorts of shapes and then taped them onto their hoverboards. We opened a few windows of course and they went bananas with the spraypaint. Finally, they were done with personalizing their favorite hoverboard and the end result came out really good.

Evolving as a parent

From this, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not that the boys won’t listen to me. Nor that they want to act out on each other. They get bored and that’s when you as a stay at home parent have to get creative in coming up with delusions and tasks that they actually like and that actually gets their brain going. Take something they love as I did in this case their hoverboards, which they use on a daily basis. They where very torn up and had scratches all over them but after they were done they now have 2 unique hoverboards. One each and they are very proud of how the results came out.
If I’d just kept on complaining and trying to get them to stop they would probably go on all day long. But now when scooters all done they, of course, wanted to go straight outside to ride them on the street for everyone to see. How proud wouldn’t any DIY stay at home mom be to see how happy they were with what the had accomplished. Ending words from me are, try to think of how you are going to distract them from their current mindset and get them into a whole other mindset.
I must admit I might have gotten a few of these tricks from Ceasar the dog whisperer. Is it strange that we work in a similar way? I don’t think so, after all, we’re all animals of different species.

PS. Only Jason wanted me to post his results and well, let’s say at least he was creative…
And I am going to sneak into his room to test it out as soon as I get the chance!


Make a lamp of old recycled glass bottles

My cabins and every other place in my house were I store things are filled with these old glass bottles everywhere and since my husband has been nagging on me to take care of them and at least throw a few out I thought I’d try and make something beautiful with them instead. (If you don’t have any bottles left ask family and friends or go to your local recycling center).

Making a DIY glass bottle lamp for the kitchen

We have this ugly lamp in the kitchen and it isn’t a pretty sight, something I bought on a flee market somewhere in West Virginia. Don’t ask me what I was thinking. Never the less it has been hanging there in the kitchen ugly as …. for quite some time now and with the hubby nagging on my about the glass bottles here’s what I did.

I choose a few cool and already very well designed glass bottles and got to it.

Here’s what I did

First I started by cutting off the bottom of the glass in order to fit the wire through the glass bottles. When you first look at my pictures you might ask yourself: “How did she get those light bulbs into the bottles!?”. Well, that’s what I did to get them in and I just threw the bottoms away in the recycle bin and started using sandpaper around the edges of the glass to make it a little less dangerous.

Perhaps I should have save the bottom to use as glasses? I have been starting to wonder if I just might need some, pretty fancy right?

Well I didn’t so let us move on. After making the edges more smooth I sent the wire through and attached them to the light bulb holder (or no I did not, my manly man did of course. Wouldn’t want to start a fire later on). But it didn’t look to hard just some wires and not even a single screw. Afterwards I painted a few of them white to see what type of result I would get with the different designs.

You can get wires cheap 3 ports at

It wasn’t much harder than that. He added them all into one cord and we put it in the ceiling and here is the magnificent result:

ost your breath didn’t you? I actually surprised myself this time. I had a hunch that the result would come out well. But not this good. A few of the bottles I got from friends and family and I guess they will be wanting them back now anytime soon.


Bedazzle anything and everything

For this Christmas, my girl wished to get an electric scooter. First, she wanted to get one of the new self-balancing scooters, but being 8 years old I felt she was way too young to ride around on something like that. And now I am more than happy that we took that decision and didn’t get one since they are everywhere on the news and from what I read on most stores have taken them off the shelves due to safety being an issue. So I am very happy we went with a more old-school approach. We bought him a razor scooter since those seemed to be the most effective and kid-friendly products at this point and the price tag was a relief for our wallets also. Compared to the self-balancing scooter this razor scooter cost about 250$ less if not even more and saving some money is always welcome.  Since safety was our number one concern we went ahead and read some electric scooter reviews and went through them all and found out that Razor is a well-known brand for this type of device which was comforting enough for us to pull the plug.

But now when she’s had it for a few months we wanted to make it a little more special, it has gotten a few marks and scratches which we felt ruined the whole design and even out of the box it wasn’t that pretty and our girl started to ask me for ideas on what we could do with it. I had a bag of rhinestones lying around from an older project which haven’t come to use yet so I thought why not bedazzle the scooter. Here as always I’ll give you the walk-through on how to bedazzle your own scooter and get the same result as we did. The picture might not be the most beautifully taken picture I’ve taken but just so you know I didn’t either it was my little girl who took it herself.

How-To bedazzle your own electric/kick scooter

First, Start by getting your hands on 1 lbs+ of rhinestones or whichever stone you want, you could easily go with some color and make nice stripes etc but we just had the clear rhinestones lying around so we went with those.

You might have to peel of a few stickers here and there to help them attach properly to the scooter.

I would suggest getting some superglue and start at the handlebar and work your way downwards. Start by putting some glue on a rhinestone and apply them one after the other, just make sure you set them nice and tight so there are no big spaces and try to keep them on a straight line for a pristine finish.

Just keep on gluing the rhinestones to your scooter until you’ve covered the most part of the electric scooter, don’t attach any to the standing plate as this will probably make you unbalanced and uncomfortable while riding, it might make it a bit slippery also so be cautious.

After you’re done you have your new bedazzled DIY electric scooter design. Congratulations to us and I hope you’re as happy as we were when we got done. It felt like it took forever to glue them all onto the scooter. About 1-2 hours of work and you are done.

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Easter branch with tassles DIY

It’s easter and the easterbunny is on his way over here right now with all his little eggs in a cute basket. Wouldn’t it be great to welcome him with this Betasseled branch in a bottle?

Well I think so and I found some inspiration on pinterest as usual so this is not all me. Underneath you’ll get the step by step on creating these small tassels for your own easter decorational spree.

Here’s the How-to on making this beautiful Easter Decoration:

Start of by going outdoors to find that perfect branch to put your later finished tassels in. Perfect time to get your kids to help, if you’re a bit sneaky like me you can easily get them to clean the yard before you guys find “the perfect branch” and the mission is complete. Always nice to a set of extra hands and some yardwork done, they won’t even think of it as chores.

Get some sand and pour it in a nice vase of your choosing. You can even go with a nice wine bottle stuffed with something to keep the branch in place

Use some non-used tissues and unfold them. Cut the paper into a size you’ll feel fit nicely with your tassels, if you want bigger ones than I did go with 5″ x 3″+ since that was what I used when making mine. You’ll need a scissor, some nicely colored tape and twine or ribbon. Find yourself some nice eastery looking colored paper tissues. I use a fringed scissor and that saves you a lot of time if you’re into the DIY for real I suggest that you buy one.

Fold the tissue lengthwise and start cut stripes in it, just remember to cut on the twin side of the tissue so it doesn’t fall apart. Remember to stop about a 1/2″ from the top.

Open up the tissue paper and roll it together over to the opposite side.

Use the twine or ribbon and make a knot around the center of the tissue.

Bend the sides around the twine or ribbon and attach some tape at the top of the tissue to hold it together.

Make a knot at the top of the twine/ribbon so you’ll be able to hang the tassels on a loop in your new beautiful Easter branch.

Rinse and repeat until you have the amount of tassels you need.

Decoration completed!

Have a great Easter and I hope you’ve all been kind enough to get an egg this year, I know I was. Good Luck! Please leave a comment if you think this was helpful and if you like my blog you can easily find it on Bloglovin just search for


Cute window hangers, sailing inspired

So these aren’t just my own idea I actually got it off of Pinterest a few weeks ago when I saw these square paper boxes someone had been doing and they hung over their bed. My brain of course saved this information for later use and now I got a great idea which sparked fires within my mind. They came out so beautiful and well made.

The effort, about 10 minutes it goes way faster as soon as you get the hang of making the small boxes. Find something you like. For me, this was some old atlases that are out of date and I tore a few papers at a time and used about 3 sheets to make one box to make it a bit more sturdy. I then started to folding the boxes according to the instructions provided here.

I made about 13 boxes and took an old looking lace to knot it all together nicely. After that was done I’ve made myself a new accessory for my window. Since we are in love with the whole boat/sailing theme at home this fits in really good into our other interior. If you think newspapers or anything else, perhaps Justin Bieber magazines would be a better fit for your apartment or room go ahead. Just take something you like and don’t have use for and create something new which won’t cost you a dime.