Cute window hangers, sailing inspired

So these aren’t just my own idea I actually got it off of Pinterest a few weeks ago when I saw these square paper boxes someone had been doing and they hung over their bed. My brain of course saved this information for later use and now I got a great idea which sparked fires within my mind. They came out so beautiful and well made.

The effort, about 10 minutes it goes way faster as soon as you get the hang of making the small boxes. Find something you like. For me, this was some old atlases that are out of date and I tore a few papers at a time and used about 3 sheets to make one box to make it a bit more sturdy. I then started to folding the boxes according to the instructions provided here.

I made about 13 boxes and took an old looking lace to knot it all together nicely. After that was done I’ve made myself a new accessory for my window. Since we are in love with the whole boat/sailing theme at home this fits in really good into our other interior. If you think newspapers or anything else, perhaps Justin Bieber magazines would be a better fit for your apartment or room go ahead. Just take something you like and don’t have use for and create something new which won’t cost you a dime.