DIY together with the kids -1

Everything you do together as a family might not always be glamour even though in pictures it might seem like we’re having a fantastic time while making things together with the kids. It sure is a fantastic time but it doesn’t always go as smoothly as one might think. Some days we just aren’t coming along and it’s those days that sitting down with DIY can either mend or break the situation.
Focusing on other things might give them the ability to start working together and get over whatever dispute they were having. But sometimes its the deal-breaker for more disputes and a heated argument may always arise while making some DIY things. Today was just one of those days. The boys didn’t want to get along for a second and I thought, hey why not get them to team up and help me out with some things needing to be done. Win, win. At least that’s what I thought initially. So i got the things out of the closet and set them up on the table. When they were smaller this was the ideal thing to do when they had a bad day with a short temper. Well, they grow up and it isn’t as easy anymore so you might have to become a bit more creative with the approach.
Work that needs high focus is ideal for this and the new Christmas lights I wanted for the garden should be complicated enough to get their heads spinning in the right direction again. But again, not the case today. Today it seems like they had one thing in mind and that was to harass each other all day long. Both of them too, often it’s just that one starts and the other one tags along. But today both of them seemed to have the same goals, which might be good if the goal wasn’t to irritate the other to boiling point.

Createful mom did it again

Well, I’m not the one to give up easily and the boys know that. I could probably go nagging on them for a week. So most often they just do as I say because they know how stubborn their mother can be.
This approach was different, however. They love their Electric toys and as you can read in a prior story I bedazzled their sister’s scooter. The boys however aren’t that much into scooters. They have hoverboards however, these aren’t as pretty as they first were due to much damages and they’ve tumbled down the hill more than once. So I thought we’d do some cool stuff with them.
So I picked up some masking tape, hard paper, spray paint, and two scissors and told them to start cutting out shapes in the paper. They both sat down and finally a quiet moment followed when they were both very eager to get this done. They started to cut stars and all sorts of shapes and then taped them onto their hoverboards. We opened a few windows of course and they went bananas with the spraypaint. Finally, they were done with personalizing their favorite hoverboard and the end result came out really good.

Evolving as a parent

From this, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not that the boys won’t listen to me. Nor that they want to act out on each other. They get bored and that’s when you as a stay at home parent have to get creative in coming up with delusions and tasks that they actually like and that actually gets their brain going. Take something they love as I did in this case their hoverboards, which they use on a daily basis. They where very torn up and had scratches all over them but after they were done they now have 2 unique hoverboards. One each and they are very proud of how the results came out.
If I’d just kept on complaining and trying to get them to stop they would probably go on all day long. But now when scooters all done they, of course, wanted to go straight outside to ride them on the street for everyone to see. How proud wouldn’t any DIY stay at home mom be to see how happy they were with what the had accomplished. Ending words from me are, try to think of how you are going to distract them from their current mindset and get them into a whole other mindset.
I must admit I might have gotten a few of these tricks from Ceasar the dog whisperer. Is it strange that we work in a similar way? I don’t think so, after all, we’re all animals of different species.

PS. Only Jason wanted me to post his results and well, let’s say at least he was creative…
And I am going to sneak into his room to test it out as soon as I get the chance!