Easter branch with tassles DIY

It’s easter and the easterbunny is on his way over here right now with all his little eggs in a cute basket. Wouldn’t it be great to welcome him with this Betasseled branch in a bottle?

Well I think so and I found some inspiration on pinterest as usual so this is not all me. Underneath you’ll get the step by step on creating these small tassels for your own easter decorational spree.

Here’s the How-to on making this beautiful Easter Decoration:

Start of by going outdoors to find that perfect branch to put your later finished tassels in. Perfect time to get your kids to help, if you’re a bit sneaky like me you can easily get them to clean the yard before you guys find “the perfect branch” and the mission is complete. Always nice to a set of extra hands and some yardwork done, they won’t even think of it as chores.

Get some sand and pour it in a nice vase of your choosing. You can even go with a nice wine bottle stuffed with something to keep the branch in place

Use some non-used tissues and unfold them. Cut the paper into a size you’ll feel fit nicely with your tassels, if you want bigger ones than I did go with 5″ x 3″+ since that was what I used when making mine. You’ll need a scissor, some nicely colored tape and twine or ribbon. Find yourself some nice eastery looking colored paper tissues. I use a fringed scissor and that saves you a lot of time if you’re into the DIY for real I suggest that you buy one.

Fold the tissue lengthwise and start cut stripes in it, just remember to cut on the twin side of the tissue so it doesn’t fall apart. Remember to stop about a 1/2″ from the top.

Open up the tissue paper and roll it together over to the opposite side.

Use the twine or ribbon and make a knot around the center of the tissue.

Bend the sides around the twine or ribbon and attach some tape at the top of the tissue to hold it together.

Make a knot at the top of the twine/ribbon so you’ll be able to hang the tassels on a loop in your new beautiful Easter branch.

Rinse and repeat until you have the amount of tassels you need.

Decoration completed!

Have a great Easter and I hope you’ve all been kind enough to get an egg this year, I know I was. Good Luck! Please leave a comment if you think this was helpful and if you like my blog you can easily find it on Bloglovin just search for