Make a lamp of old recycled glass bottles

My cabins and every other place in my house were I store things are filled with these old glass bottles everywhere and since my husband has been nagging on me to take care of them and at least throw a few out I thought I’d try and make something beautiful with them instead. (If you don’t have any bottles left ask family and friends or go to your local recycling center).

Making a DIY glass bottle lamp for the kitchen

We have this ugly lamp in the kitchen and it isn’t a pretty sight, something I bought on a flee market somewhere in West Virginia. Don’t ask me what I was thinking. Never the less it has been hanging there in the kitchen ugly as …. for quite some time now and with the hubby nagging on my about the glass bottles here’s what I did.

I choose a few cool and already very well designed glass bottles and got to it.

Here’s what I did

First I started by cutting off the bottom of the glass in order to fit the wire through the glass bottles. When you first look at my pictures you might ask yourself: “How did she get those light bulbs into the bottles!?”. Well, that’s what I did to get them in and I just threw the bottoms away in the recycle bin and started using sandpaper around the edges of the glass to make it a little less dangerous.

Perhaps I should have save the bottom to use as glasses? I have been starting to wonder if I just might need some, pretty fancy right?

Well I didn’t so let us move on. After making the edges more smooth I sent the wire through and attached them to the light bulb holder (or no I did not, my manly man did of course. Wouldn’t want to start a fire later on). But it didn’t look to hard just some wires and not even a single screw. Afterwards I painted a few of them white to see what type of result I would get with the different designs.

You can get wires cheap 3 ports at

It wasn’t much harder than that. He added them all into one cord and we put it in the ceiling and here is the magnificent result:

ost your breath didn’t you? I actually surprised myself this time. I had a hunch that the result would come out well. But not this good. A few of the bottles I got from friends and family and I guess they will be wanting them back now anytime soon.